Partner: Sanitimer

The ACAFP has partnered with SaniTimer to promote healthy hand washing practices and spread information on how proper hand washing can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in facilities and stop disease outbreaks.

Purdue University Study Peer Reviewed & Published in National Journal of Environmental Health Proves SaniTimer Effective Food Safety Tool

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) has peer reviewed and published the Purdue University food safety study centered around the SaniTimer to determine whether a hand washing timer does in fact change behavior at the hand sink. In fact, the SaniTimer raised compliance rates 28.4% from an average wash time of 11.6 seconds to an average of 14.9 seconds and was far more effective at changing employee behaviors when compared to posted signage.

You can read more about the report and access the entire Executive Summary on SaniTimer’s website or by clicking the button below!

The Evolution of Hand Washing

Don’t you want your Customers, Family, Employees, and Patients to know that you care about them washing their hands in your establishment?

Avoid the worry about spreading harmful bacteria in your home or establishment by using this hand-washing timer.

How long do you wash your hands for?

The Center for Disease Control and Health departments around the country has determined that washing your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds reduces bacteria by 99%. The average person washes their hands for only eight seconds.

What can be spread?

Staphylococcus aureus is common on people’s hair, nose, and skin and because shaking hands, fixing your hair, wiping your nose are all ways of spreading this bacteria; washing your hands is a preventive way from keeping you and others from illnesses.

A guaranteed solution is here!

This device is easily attached on to an existing water faucet on any hand-washing sink.

When the water is turned on, the device starts counting down from 30 seconds on the LCD timer. When the 30 seconds is up and water is shut off, it buzzes and the device resets the timer to 30 seconds.

With this device on all hand-washing sinks in hospitality facilities or your home; employees, children, and you can guarantee you’re washing your hands for at least twenty seconds killing 99% of bacteria as the CDC and Health Departments require.

Now you will have the comfort knowing that your employees are preventing illnesses in your establishment because you have this device for all your hand-washing sinks.

The SaniTimer can be used…

In the home

Restaurants & Food Service

Schools & Day Cares

Office buildings

Hospitality Industries

Hospitals & Medical Facilities


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